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Helping Hands are seeking Helping Hands to Assist us with Business Marketing. Handing out Flyers, Gathering Potential Leads and Selling Helping Hands Merchandise and Products. Also, Staffing at Future Business Events. Must be 7 Y.O to Apply with Parent Consent and Signature. Interviews are Mandatory with Guardians before Child can Participate. Each One Reach One!

Helping Hands Invites you to the Team!

What Positions are Available:

Lead Team

Each Team will be responsible for placing Flyers at Business.

Speaking to Potential Clients about our Services. 

Merchandise Ambassador

Each Team will be responsible for selling Physical Merchandise and Online Products.

Media Production 

Each Team will be responsible for Creating Flyers, Digital Promotional Content, Email Pitches ++ 

We're Hiring 

Thanks for submitting!

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